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USOT Poetry Jam » Sayn MBH (Mind Beating Human) » 1/14/2015 5:10 am

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You know a question
is just a crooked exclamation pointing out error's
in a teacher's lesson?
Each one to teach one.
Yet we in the matrix...
greed turned to hatred
self mutilations of a unjust rule, new era's coming non stop
we don't worship golden bulls,
we mind stop!
Mind stomping found gods
I'm a mind beating human
most don't understand that.
What's the closest thing to Christ? Consciousness I could get to
now I run on solar time.
Not average.
I'm full proof.
Hard to swallow yet you swallow what you eat through
born a giant taking giant steps unlike Goliath
I accomplish what I'm sent for...

USOT Poetry Jam » Sayn MBH (Mind Beating Human) » 1/14/2015 5:09 am

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Free falling from heaven
Struggling back from hell
Balanced in the middle
Purgatory's boring bring a chair
no one cares about you standing so many did and fell
But I am not a quitter
I'm breaking out of here
four walls and low ceilings
Coffins are just prisons
I don't wanna die
When I barely started living
Life is worth a killing
I swear I'll get the killing
but the way back up is set up
I put my spine in children

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