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11/30/2014 4:11 am  #1

Overcoming Crisis and Addiction (PENDING)

Pending Show: 
GUESTS: Brother Serapis Bey & Brother Rasheed Mateen (Kendrick Lasane)
TOPIC: Overcoming Crisis and Addiction 

If we had a choice many would have chosen an “ideal” childhood to grow up. However, many of us had lives that would make the average person ask “how did they make it”? Our guests are no different they both have had lives that when reflected upon have shown the power of “overcoming”. Serapis Bey and Rasheed Mateen are vanguards in their community. Each leading with their own unique style and story; together they are a healing unit! Their passion for music is as fierce as their passion for their people. Their work with the Makaveli Music Group, LLC
Makaveli Music Group, LLC. is the family label of the world famous Tupac Shakur. Some of the notable mentions affiliated with the label are Tupac, Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion, Mopreme Shakur, William Lesane, Def Jam, Outlawz, QD3, Thug Life, 50 Cent, Kastro, Hussein Fatal, Young Noble, Afeni Shakur, Danny Boy, Gloria Cox, & Mike Epps. The label was founded by Kendrick Lesane, aka Kenny Blak, one of Tupac Shakur’s closest relatives. Over the last year the label has grown, by leaps and bounds, taking on several new artists, signing them to record deals, releasing music, videos, with the roster performing in various locations, to very enthusiastic crowds. The roster is filled with artist from many different backgrounds.
Key Points:

  • We all have issues to overcome
  • Use your resources
  • Steps to Transformation : Depravation- Isolation- Motivation-Acceptance 

Love & Illuminating Light~
"In every book there are 99 lies and 1 truth, it is your duty to find the 1 truth"
Mary Elizabeth Lockett A.K.A. Nana~~ 

12/22/2014 3:28 pm  #2

Re: Overcoming Crisis and Addiction (PENDING)

Peace, Sistah Jamillah, prepare those brothers for January 16th, we need to know the topic or if we are doing a part two to what they already presented in their previous show appearance.


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