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1/09/2015 8:36 pm  #1



This is how I need to you love me



This is how I need you to love me

Without restriction

Little, to, no friction

Even less fiction

With understanding and persistence .Unconditionally

When I say I don't need you or care if you go

You will need to have presence of mind enough to know

I need you most at that moment to love me .. .Unconditionally

Even though you realize that I may never fully appreciate all that you do

Even though you realize that I may never be secure enough to show my love for you

Realizing you have to love me in my current space

Can you love me .. Unconditionally?

I am not perfect

It is so hard; you must understand and know

That I am struggling to grow

But the knowing that your love is unconditional

Allows me to grow ... .Unconditionally

Through your selfless act you see, you have planted the seeds of love and watered them in me

So that the love you give

Will surely be the love that you will one day receive ..even if its not from me

The true benefit of loving


Penned 2/25/08

Love & Illuminating Light~
"In every book there are 99 lies and 1 truth, it is your duty to find the 1 truth"
Mary Elizabeth Lockett A.K.A. Nana~~ 

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