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1/29/2015 11:23 pm  #1

Progress Report for January 2015 : DeCoding Circle

Peace Family

We have come to the end of the month of January our movie for decoding was Ender's game. We did not have the participation level that was desired. However, I am confident that the coming months will prove better. 

Things to Do
* Seek assistance of UCM to decode movies and keep threads going
*Seek the assistance of USOT members that are decoders to assist in keeping threads going
*Seek assistance of the Media Department to find ways to drive traffic to the Decoding forum and to the FaceBook group decoding threads

I thank everyone for their support of this Decoding project and look forward to working with you on the next film. 

Feb 2015 Film : Winter's Tale

Warmest Regards

Love & Illuminating Light~
"In every book there are 99 lies and 1 truth, it is your duty to find the 1 truth"
Mary Elizabeth Lockett A.K.A. Nana~~ 

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