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6/12/2014 5:05 pm  #1

Kevin Yates

Peace to Man, Woman and Child. My name is Kevin Yates.  I have been through many schools of thought and found none of them to be Supreme to all others. What I discovered in my miles of traveling through knowledge is, that the Universe is all inclusive (Sun, Moon and Stars) and so I should not limit myself to any particular school of thought, yet I should study everything to the best of my ability and put sound right and reasoning into action. Know thyself---Study to show thyself approved. And even to this day I consider myself a student in the Universal School Of Thought.......I am grateful to be in the atmosphere of like minded, positive thinking, proactive men and women that share a common cause; the uplifting of self, family and community. Not 
just in words or like minded, yet also reaching out to those that may not have yet awakened that inner-G (Energy) which craves to be in "the know".......This phrase will eventually become a topic of discussion. Until we again meet in the mind, I part as I entered, with the universal greetings of Peace. 

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