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1/26/2015 4:17 am  #1

Journeys of Self-Discovery

Peace Family

I was contacted by one of our former guest Jibril Bey requesting to share with us again in the spring. He would be accompanied by Chi Hutchins. Please find below the subject matter they would like to address. 

Topic: Journey of Self Discovery 
Talking Points: 1. Catalysta.) Awareness2. Questiona.) Everythingb.) Self3. Researcha.) Ancestry (physical, human history)b.) Origin (Astral/etheric/spiritual/energetic)c.) Self (To Know Thyself/Innerverse)4. Diet –effects/affectsa.) physicalb.) mentalc.) spiritual5. Self-Assessmenta.) Look inwardb.) Analyze (the macro and micro Self)c.) Being honest with Self

Thank you in advance for your review of this information. I will inform the potential guest that their information is being reviewed. 


Love & Illuminating Light~
"In every book there are 99 lies and 1 truth, it is your duty to find the 1 truth"
Mary Elizabeth Lockett A.K.A. Nana~~ 

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